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Burning Man – 2017


Jeremy was the Co-Lead of Burning Man Project’s Art Department, the team that communicates with and provides context, direction, access and connection for artists and art teams bringing installation work to Black Rock City.

While Jeremy oversaw portions of the year round operations of the Art Department and provided guidance to the team of art project managers, he acted as the dedicated project manager to the following projects in 2017:

  • Temple – Marisha Farnsworth, Steven Brummond, Mark Sinclair
  • Action Figure Family – Jallen Rix
  • Bloom – Peter Hazel
  • Celestial Fields – Eleanor Cranke
  • Dance for the Dawn – Karolis Misevicius
  • Flower Tower – Kevin Clark
  • Hispatext – Ignacio Roizman
  • Light Years Away – Wynn Earl Buzzell, Jr
  • Makhalych – Vasiliy Schetinin
  • Methuselah – Misha Naiman
  • Phoenicopterus Rex – Josh Zubkoff
  • Seesaw – Fei Fei Zhou
  • Shibari Sanctuary – Benjamin Langholz
  • Sysimestä – Eva Reiska
  • Temple of Awareness – Bobby Gittins
  • Temple of Gravity – Zachary Coffin


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